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Re: Referral chasing broken in libldap, unless port specified (ITS#1606)

At 03:44 AM 2002-03-06, lukeh@PADL.COM wrote:

>>In chasing references where the server has not specified the
>>scope, the scope should be derived from the request which
>>generated the reference.  That is, if a subtree search
>>returns a reference, you chase as subtree.  If base or
>>one, you chase as base.
>Why do you chase as base if the original scope was one?
>Because you expect that references would be, by default,
>returned to the actual entry? I suppose this makes sense;
>however in our case we need to chase as one if the 
>original scope was one. So I suppose our backend needs
>to explicitly set the scope?

Actually, all backends should explicitly set the scope
as implementation of defaulting is not terrible consistent.