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Re: Repeated Search+Modify fails after 1024 cycles, slapd seg faults. (ITS#1447)

Donghai_Ma@adc.com wrote:
> Hi Simon,
> I noticed the state for ITS#1447 was changed to Suspended
> since it can not reproduced on RH6.2.  Do you think this
> is a OS related, not OpenLDAP related issue?
> We are running OpenLDAP 2.0.7 on both RH6.1 and RH6.2.

I could not reproduce the bug on my OS, so I moved it to
suspended waiting for news.  I suggest you to move to a more
recent release and see if you can reproduce the problem;
otherwise you should provide more info on the failure.

I'm sorry I didn't check it for a while.  If the problem 
persists, you should file a log of the failure, if 
you can track it down (I know it's a long test).  
You should also try 2.0.22 or later, which features a giant 
write lock that should wipe away all the thread-related issues, 
and try upgrading to berkeley 4.0.


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