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Re: test005-modrdn failed


Test005-modrdn should work fine on Linux.  Can you provide details
on how it failing?  That is, what was reported to you on the
terminal, was there any indication of problem in any of the
test output files (test.out, ldapsearch.out, master.log), was
the result different than expected (diff -iu ldif.flt ldapsearch.flt).
These files are all in test-db directory.

Also, details on which configuration would be useful,
including which database (and version) you are using,
version of  kernel, gcc, and libc.


At 06:24 AM 2002-02-06, Eva Yan wrote:
>I  just installed openldap 2.0.22 (dated 20020115) on a linux machine.
>The build was successful but the 'make test'  failed at  test005-moddrn.
>It looks like the ldapmodrdn command is not processing the '-r' option.
>I also did a simple test with my own data and got the same result....
>The '-r' option in ldapmodrdn does not remove the old  RDN value from the
>Is this a bug or user error? Thanks.
>Eva Yan