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National characters isn't case insensitive searchable (ITS#1584)

Full_Name: Jakob Breivik Grimstveit
Version: 2.0.21
OS: Solaris 8
URL: http://www.grimstveit.net/jakob/files/temp/jakob-breivik-grimstveit-020206.txt
Submission from: (NULL) (

The following ldap entry (here in ldif format) can't be found if not
using correct case on search, even though it is using the standard
core.schema and cosine.schema (inetorgperson). This goes for all the
three norwegian national characters "æ ø å Æ Ø Å" (ae oe aa AE OE AA).
Correct case has to be supplied to yield any results. Frustrating.
Showstopper for us, unfortunately.

dn: cn=age, o=someorg,c=org
givenName:: w4VnZQ==
objectClass: top
objectClass: person
objectClass: inetorgperson
sn:: w5h5Z2FyZA==
cn:: w4VnZSDDmHlnYXJk

Yours sincerely...
Jakob Breivik Grimstveit, Morvikbotn 341, 5122 Morvik, 55195667, 48298152
jakob@grimstveit.net / j@grimstveit.net, www.grimstveit.net
System Integrator, TTYL as, jakob.breivik.grimstveit@ttyl.com, 55969161

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