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OpenLdap for Windows (ITS#1559)

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    I am looking for Open Ldap in Windows NT, I searched in openldap.com but
could not get it. Can you please help me how can I down load OpenLdap for the


"David E. Storey" wrote:

> I'm sure Kurt will reply back saying that this isn't really an issue and
> more of a general question that should be relegated to another list. Which
> he would be right.
> Since browsers work with URL's, RFC 2255 has the answer you're looking
> for. So if you were looking for all the objectclasses stored in the
> server, you could construct a URL like:
> ldap://localhost/cn=Subschema?objectClasses?base
> of course, you should grab the subschemaSubentry from your base (or more
> appropriately from the entry your interested in since the schema, in
> theory, can be different for each entry) and use that in the URL above.
> d!
> On Thu, 24 Jan 2002 pradip.roy@wipro.com wrote:
> >  Today I have installed the Open Ldap. The search,add etc going on
> > perfectly.  I want to load a schema file(test.schema), so I have created
> > one schema file and put it in schema directory also included in
> > sldap.conf. Now I don't know how to check through browser...like I am
> > able to see
> > ldap://localhost:666/dc=example,dc=com
> > etc.
> > Will you please tell me how can I check the schema files(core.schema,
> > test.schema etc) through the browser?

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