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> As the fix is very simple and local to back-ldap, yes,
> please backport it.


> In regards to numSubordinates, however, don't back port this.
> I want to limit changes to slapd, especially w/ back-ldbm, to
> bug fixes only.

I agree.  I note that while many things targeted as to be released 
with 2.1 seem at a good poing, back-bdb looks still a bit behind.
I'm afraid I won't be able to give architectural support to its 
development so I'm not in a good position to judge the excellent 
work other people are doing at it; however we might consider
keeping back-ldbm around (and updated) for a while, even for a 
pre-release (call it alpha, or whatever).  In fact I note that
the new stuff (I'm thinking about DN handling and UTF-8, some
logging issues and more) may still need some tuning about small 
defects that could be hidden by the rapid development and the 
inevitable problems of back-bdb.