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Re: ACL Performance (caching on object basis) (ITS#1523)

At 03:17 AM 2002-01-15, stephan.siano@suse.de wrote:
>On Tuesday, 15. January 2002 09:53, Howard Chu wrote:
>> Strange, I never saw an email announcing that this contribution arrived,
>> and it's not in the mailing list archive either.
>> I was especially looking forward to seeing this patch too. I'll start
>> looking at
>> this now.
>maybe I didn't do everything right,

You submitted the patch properly.

>because it is the first major patch I 
>submitted via the ITS. Should I have announced it via the openldap-devel 

Not necessary.  Most (if not all) OpenLDAP committers and reviewers
read openldap-bugs (which gets copies of all Issue Reports).  While
we -bugs to discuss bug reports, we often take development discussions
to -devel.

>It was moved from incoming to contrib so I thought the right persons 
>did have a look at it...

It's in contrib as it seemed worthy of further review.  In many
cases, multiple folks need to review things to determine what
actions to take.  This is one of those cases.