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Re: ObjectClass eq index corruption (ITS#1513)

At 03:08 AM 2002-01-07, Ben Gertzfield wrote:
>[This is a repost, as the original bug report was bounced as being too
>long.  The log has been snipped, but is available at the URL quoted.]
>On 2002-01-04, our production servers running OpenLDAP 2.0.17 in a
>widely-replicated system began to exhibit extremely strange behavior
>after running stably for three months.
>We are using OpenLDAP for authentication and home directory
>information for a large email cluster using qmail-ldap, and have many
>users like:
>dn: uid=sysadmin_alien.jp,ou=people,ou=bbol,o=gmo
>uid: sysadmin_alien.jp
>objectClass: qmailuser
>(just a sample of the LDIF for this user).  qmail-ldap does searches
>of the form:

I note that some of your entries/searches appear to be
of the (uid=wataru_ryoke@bbol.jp) while others are
(uid=bcj_goodtime.jp).  While this shouldn't cause any
indexing problem, the inconsistency may cause use

But, anyways, I suggest you rebuild your indices using
slapindex (while slapd is not running).  You might also
want to upgrade to the latest stable release (before
running slapindex).