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irix -64 link error


 We have been doing an extensive round of platform testing of our code 
which includes the use of openldap. I ran into a link time problem when 
trying to link up slapd on irix6.5 with -64 flag,

/bin/sh /nfs/j1/mei/nMDS/globus-src/mds/openldap/patch-n-build/openldap-2.0.14
/libtool --mode=link /bin/cc -g -64    -I../../include -I../../include   -I/nfs
/j1/mei/nMDS/globus-install/include -I/nfs/j1/mei/nMDS/globus-install/include/
vendorcc64dbgpthr   -L/nfs/j1/mei/nMDS/globus-src/mds/openldap/patch-n-build/
openldap-2.0.14/libraries -L/nfs/j1/mei/nMDS/globus-install/lib -Wl,-woff,84 
-64 -L/nfs/j1/mei/nMDS/globus-install/lib   -dlopen self  -o slapd   main.o 
blah blah

mkdir .libs
rm -f .libs/slapd.nm .libs/slapd.nmS .libs/slapd.nmT
creating .libs/slapdS.c                  
(cd .libs && /bin/cc -c "slapdS.c")         <<<<<<<<<<----------------------
rm -f .libs/slapdS.c .libs/slapd.nm .libs/slapd.nmS .libs/slapd.nmT
/bin/cc -g -64 -I../../include -I../../include -I/nfs/j1/mei/nMDS/globus-
install/include -I/nfs/j1/mei/nMDS/globus-install/include/vendorcc64dbgpthr
libraries -L/nfs/j1/mei/nMDS/globus-install/lib -Wl,-woff,84 -64 -L/nfs/j1/
mei/nMDS/globus-install/lib .libs/slapdS.o -o slapd main.o daemon.o 
blah blah
ld64: FATAL   12 : Expecting n64 objects: .libs/slapdS.o is n32.

Back tracking to build/ltmain.sh #2695, 
It looks like I need to either configure it with CC="cc -64" or need to 
include $CFLAGS into the following lines. 

          # Now compile the dynamic symbol file.
          $show "(cd $output_objdir && $CC -c$no_builtin_flag$pic_flag_
          $run eval '(cd $output_objdir && $CC -c$no_builtin_flag$pic_
flag_for_symtable "$dlsyms")' || exit $?

If to add the CFLAGS is the right way to fix it, then also need to 
supplement the setting of CFLAGS in ltconfig after the setting of default

This is in the development tree and also in the 2.0.14 release.