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Re: Indexed searches which contain a NOT filter returnincomplete results (ITS#1405)

Great!  Thanks!

As our code uses a number of "!" in their filters, I've
a couple of questions just to clarify which ones we need
to rethink.

In the following example, I assume that with the fix the
index for objectclass=y will not be used.  True?


In the next example, will the index be used?



"Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote:
> At 10:34 AM 2001-10-25, klb@paradyne.com wrote:
> >So if I have an application that uses "not" on attribute "x", it will work
> >if indexes are not defined for "x" but will not work correctly if indexes are
> >defined?
> With the correct fix (applied to HEAD), indices will not be
> used to optimize 'not' assertions so that the assertion will be
> properly evaluated.
> >Do you have any idea if this restriction applies to iPlanet?
> I do not have any idea if this restriction applies to iPlanet.