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Re: GETADDRINFO -- core dumped slapd (ITS#1304)

At 11:15 AM 2001-10-24, Peter Marschall wrote:
>Unfortunately I also want to use getaddrinfo() ;-)))
>And I can use it, if I change the order of detection of the
>__res_query function.

Or modify your environment such that tests which find
inconsistent versions are forced to false.

env ac_cv_lib_bind_res_query=no ac_cv_lib_bind___res_query=no \

>BTW in glibc 2.2.2 libresolv contains only __res_query().
>res_query is only an alias in <resolv.h>
>Shall I file a bug report about this ?

Our latest configure scripts look for both res_query() and __res_query().

>And another one:
>The getaddrinfo(3) man page of Linux states: 
>  If node is NULL, the network address in each socket structure is
>  initialized according to the AI_PASSIVE flag, which is set in the ai_flags
>  member of the hints parameter. The network address in each socket structure
>  will be left unspecified if AI_PASSIVE flag is set. This is used by server
>  applications, which intend to accept client connections on any network
>  address. The network address will be set to the loopback interface address
>  if the AI_PASSIVE flag is not set. This is used by client applications,
>  which intend to connect to a server running on the same network host.
>So ai_addr == NULL is legal when (host == NULL) && (ai_flags & AI_PASSIVE).
>This might be the case in servers/slapd/daemon.c where it is considered an 
>Shall I file a bug report / submit a patch for it ?

You might check HEAD/OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_2 to see if the problem
has already been fixed and, if not, report a bug.  Patches
provided with bug reports are welcomed.