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Re: GETADDRINFO -- core dumped slapd (ITS#1304)

At 08:46 AM 2001-10-24, Peter Marschall wrote:
>I'm not sue if I uderstand your question in full.

The question was aimed at determining whether or not the
configure script worked on a default install.  I wanted
to know if the default install included -lresolv AND

On most default installs, res_query() is in
<resolv.h> and -lresolv (or -lc).  Optionally, some folks
have it in <resolv.h> and -lbind.   In this case, the version
in -lresolv needs to be ignored as if the user has optionally
installed -lbind, it's assumed that's what the user would like
configure to use.

Now, if the user updates -lresolv and overwrites (or
overrides) resolv.h without removing (or overriding)
-lbind, then the user has created an inconsistent

It is not reasonable to expect configure to detect (or
properly work in) inconsistent environments.  configure
scripts are designed such that the user can intervene
to work through many inconsistencies (namely through
environment variables, e.g. ac_cv_*).