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Re: GETADDRINFO -- core dumped slapd (ITS#1304)

Was -lbind part of the distro's base install? 

At 11:34 PM 2001-10-19, peter.marschall@mayn.de wrote:
>I think I have found one possible reason for some problems
>with getaddrinfo() under Linux with GBU libc
>Today (to be honest, it was 3 days ago), I had the same problem.
>A freshly compiled slapd from openldap 2.0.17 crashed
>during make test. 
>I played around a bit and extracted a test case from 
>  LD_LIBRARY_PATH=..... ../servers/slapd/slapd ....
>This was the offending command. When I only called
>  ../servers/slapd/slapd ....
>and used the already installed (older) libraries it magically
>Three days of work with a debugger and searching through
>the whole system, I found the reason for this strange behaviour:
>I have libbind.a and the corresponding header files from
>bind 8.2.x on my system !!!
>Unfortunately the definition struct addrinfo from GNU libc
>collides with the same struct of bind 8.2.x: the fields ai_addr and
>ai_canonname are swapped.
>When being compiled, libldap*.so and slapd use the
>/isr/include/netdb.h hader file form the system library, but
>since since libldap_r.so is being linked together with libbind.a,
>it provides the wrong version of getaddrinfo() to slapd.
>The correct version of the funktion is in libc.so and is not being
>called, since libldap_r.so is first in the list of dynamic libraries.
>I filed a bug report to the bind people.
>It  got the ticket number [BIND-BUGS #5027]
>My workaround was wuite simple.
>I simply changed the order in which libbind and libresolv
>are checked for res_query and added a check for __res_query 
>in libresolv
>So, libbind does not get included in the link list for libldap_r.so,
>and everything works O.K.
>This is the patch:
>--- configure.in@@ -709,6 +709,16 @@
>+++ configure.in        Fri Oct 19 14:55:11 2001
> ol_link_dnssrv=no
> AC_CHECK_FUNC(res_query,:)
> if test $ac_cv_func_res_query = no ; then
>+       AC_CHECK_LIB(resolv, res_query)
>+       ac_cv_func_res_query=$ac_cv_lib_resolv_res_query
>+if test $ac_cv_func_res_query = no ; then
>+       AC_CHECK_LIB(resolv, __res_query)
>+       ac_cv_func_res_query=$ac_cv_lib_resolv___res_query
>@@ -718,10 +728,6 @@
>        ac_cv_func_res_query=$ac_cv_lib_bind___res_query
> fi
>-if test $ac_cv_func_res_query = no ; then
>-       AC_CHECK_LIB(resolv, res_query)
>-       ac_cv_func_res_query=$ac_cv_lib_resolv_res_query
> if test "$ac_cv_func_res_query" = yes ; then
>+if test $ac_cv_func_res_query = no ; then
>        AC_CHECK_LIB(bind, res_query)
>        ac_cv_func_res_query=$ac_cv_lib_bind_res_query
> fi
>PS: I read on the openldap ITS that one guy suggested writing
>    your own implementation of etaddrinfo().
>    Please do NOT do it !!!
>    The collisions between GNU libc and bind 8 show the dangers
>    of this approach !
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