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wilcard search fails (ITS#1398)

Full_Name: Frank Piotrowski
Version: 2.0.17
OS: linux 2.4.10/12
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (


it seems as if openldap v2.0.x. can?t deal with more than 3 wildcards in search


dn: uid=Test,ou=people,dc=test,dc=de
telephoneNumber: 38
objectClass: person
sn: ab1
cn: ab1de

dn: uid=Test2,ou=people,dc=test,dc=de
objectClass: person
sn: ab2
cn: ab2de

If I search for ?cn= a*b*2*d*?,  openldap gives the wrong result:

BTW, if  I search for ?telephonenumber = *8*8? , and the database include an
where the last character is the same like the last in search request, the
LDAP-Server dies. If no telephone number with 8 as last number exists all works
fine. Yepp, this is already described in Bug #1006, but isn?t fixed yet, even
the latest version 2.0.17.

Both problems don?t appear in openldap v 1.2.13.

I use SuSE 7.1 and Kernel 2.4.12/10, glibc-2.2, libgdbm-1.8.0,libdb-3.1.17.

Bye Frank