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slapd service on Windows 2000 Pro


We are running into a strange problem with build 2.0.11.
It does not seem to be happening during searches but it does
happened during updates.

When run as a service on Windows 2000 Pro the following assert
is reached (using this example stack trace):

	assert( sb != NULL ); [sockbuf.c:ber_sockbuf_ctrl]
	ber_sockbuf_ctrl( connections[i].c_sb, LBER_SB_OPT_GET_FD, &sd ); [connection.c:connection_get]
	c = connection_get( s ); [connection.c:connection_read]

What is weird is that this runs without problems in the following cases:

NT 4.0 standalone
NT 4.0 service
Windows 2000 standalone

Anybody have any idea what makes a Windows 2000 service somehow different?