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Re: index corruption (1164) still present in 2.0.15 with db 3.1.17 (ITS#1359)

At 10:10 AM 2001-10-09, adamson@andrew.cmu.edu wrote:
>When do index files get cleaned? Ever?  Given the entry
>dn: uid=foo,dc=fnork
>uid: foo
>and the "uid" attribute is indexed on pres,eq,substr.
>If this entry is deleted, will all the "foo" (and substrings) values
>in the "uid.dbb" index be cleared of references to this entry?

In HEAD, yes (just committed).  In OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_2, soon.

I note that this *should not* be the cause of the reported
problem. The problem appears to be missing indexes, not
extra indexes.