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Re: Modify with NULLs causes an assertion to fail, slapd to (ITS#1368)

At 07:25 AM 2001-10-03, jmadden@ivy.tec.in.us wrote:
>> I note that net::ldap provides facilities to generate a
>> hex dump of LDAP requests it generates.  This can be provided
>> in lieu of the LDIF or ber_dump of the message.
>In the Net::LDAP man page, it states that you can use the 'debug' method of
>the 'new' object, but it doesn't appear to work correctly - nothing is
>printed to STDERR.

I don't use net::ldap enough to help you use its features
for producing a hex dump of the request.

>> I think in this case, I'm going to need more complete BER dump
>> to determine exactly what the client request was.  Please provide
>> if at all possible.
>You mentioned that -d 816 wouldn't be sufficient, so here's the complete
>transaction using -d 1 (I believe that's supposed to show the most

No, that's trace only.  I need a ber_dump of the actual request.
You had ber_dumps enabled previously, but just provided the wrong

>Let me know if you'd like the dump at a different debug level.)

I would suggest 831 (512+256+32+16+8+4+2+1).

Again, what I need as the hex dump of the BER encoded LDAP request
which caused the crash.

Thanks, Kurt