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Re: ldap-backend segmentation fault (ITS#1367)

friedrich.rechtberger@emb.magwien.gv.at wrote:

> server configured with --enable-ldap=yes --with-ldap-module=static
> I use the server as an ldap-proxy "database ldap" with no problem until the
> ldap-client requests an attribute that isn't defined in the schema of the
> openldap-server but is replied by the answer of the back-ldap server. If this
> happens i see an segmentation fault.

Can you provide extra information? E.g., try to reproduce the problem
with full debug on, and also provide a backtrace of the core (i.e.

# gdb slapd
> run -d 0

... after failure:

> bt

Thanks, Pierangelo.

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