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Re: index corruption (1164) still present in 2.0.15 with db 3.1.17 (ITS#1359)

On Mon, Oct 01, 2001 at 12:11:00PM -0700, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:


> Assuming (possibly incorrectly) we've identified and fixed all
> the other bugs in slapd, this leaves us with the transactional
> issue inherit in the design of back-ldbm.  This is being addressed
> in the back-bdb development (which is slow going due to resource
> constraints, e.g. my time.  Help is welcomed).

I may have failed to mention this but I am absolutely certain 
that I am only performing write operations from one client at
at time in my setup. I.e there is not concurrent write access
to the database at all!

> However, as it there might be other problems with back-ldbm,
> I ask that those who are having reproducible corruption problems
> test HEAD built w/ -DLDBM_DEBUG_IDL=1.  (I'll commit this debug
> code to OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_2 soon.)  This code checks index ID lists
> for consistency.

Could you do this sooner rather than later -- I would like to make
the tests quickly and not have to learn about all the differences
in the way configuration is handled in HEAD as compared to 2.0.x

	Cheers Leif