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Re: index corruption problem (ITS#1349)

Markus.Storm@mediaWays.net wrote:
> Some more info:
> I think we tracked it down to a script of ours that does a
> modrdn on "uid=testuser". At times there are multiple instances
> of this script running.
> Is modrdn threading-safe  ?

It should. One problem of that function is it is not transactional.
This means that a failure between a certain set of operations will
leave the dn and the index spaces in a dangling state. I've been
working on that for a while, but as the problem will be outdated
by back-bdb and modrdn should be considered an administrative 
operation, to be performed with extra care, I didn't go too deep 
into it. Can you detail to what extent the multiple instances of
the entry coexist? I mean, do they show up when looking for 
a(n indexed) value they share or when dumping (ldapsearch or slapcat) 
the db?


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