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ldapsearch, values with trailing whitespace (ITS#1321)

Full_Name: Hergen Harnisch
Version: 2.0.11
OS: Linux (Suse 7.2)
Submission from: (NULL) (

I am writing a shell-backend and found a strange behaviour 
that seems to be related to the ldapclient not the
server or backend

When I return an Attribute with 2 trailing spaces as a result to
a search-request, the ldapsearch-client (from openldap) does not 
show the result in an appropriate way.  E.g. instead of
  cNAMERecord: www.bauer.com
I get
  cNAMERecord:: d3d3LmJhdWVyLmNvbSAg
The surrounding attributes are all okay.  When I strip off the
whitespace in my search-shell-backend everything is fine.

Other Ldapclient (e.g. gq, lbe) show the right values with or
without trailing spaces.

Hergen Harnisch