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Feature Request (ITS#1320)

Version: 2.0
OS: Linux
Submission from: (NULL) (

       Our department has recently been charged with developing a new university
directory service.  Among other features that this new service must provide is a
standard way to update many other systems should certain information within the
directory change.  To that end we've been looking at numerous tools that will
allow us to sync disparate systems together ranging from pre-built solutions
like Metamerge, to writing our own using components like JNDI.  Without
exception however they all require the "persistent search" proposed control
feature.  I realize that this has been discussed numerous times and that it has
not been implemented due to the fact that the I-D expired.  I would however,
like to request, that this feature be added, at least until a better solution
can be found, perhaps with a big warning that this feature is not truly a
"standard's based" feature.