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Re: searching referrals causes slapd to terminate abnormally (ITS#1292)

Dan Shriver wrote:
> I was looking through the bug list on openLDAP and just noticed
> your comments on ITS#1292.  I will do as you asked and send the
> results later.  I am writing now to tell you that my bug (when
> it is investigated) probably can be lumped with ITS#1006.  All
> 72 of the querries (which return a referral on the client
> correctly and then kill the master when they search it for
> records it should contain) contain multiple wildcards mainly of
> the form a*b*c or a*b*c*d (where a is 1-n characters and b and c
> are one character).  Oddly searches of the form a*b*c* and
> a*b*c*d* did not kill the master and searched just fine.

Thanks. I'm forwarding this to the ITS system to keep track 
of your remark.


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