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RE: inet_aton configure test gets wrong result (ITS#1263)

Well, when I use the configure tool, it runs through a bunch of tests, one
of which is to see whether there is support for the inet_aton function.

I'm using a sun workstation, and while the compiler doesn't barf (not sure
why) - it's using gcc as the compiler, if you ever try to link the program,
it will then fail.

So, there's something odd about the fact that inet_aton isn'd causing a
problem for the compiler, but when the linker tries to resolve the
references, it doesn't find anything for it, and it fails only at that

Does this help?


compiler doesn't complain.
linker complains.

It seems that perhaps the inet_aton test doesn't actually try linking, just


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Please provide details as to how inet_aton tests are failing.