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Re: openldap compilation on NSK ( Non stop Kernal tandem) (ITS#1301)

At 04:59 PM 2001-08-30, ravi@opsol.com wrote:
>I have couple of questions on openldap sourcecode compatibility ?
>(i) Is it supported on nsr-tandem-nsk operating system or not ?

Not specifically. If it works, it works.  If it doesn't, someone
who cares needs to port it (and hopefully provide patches).

>(ii) If it is supported than what environment setup I have to do for a
>successfull intallation.

Generally, the porter should start by running ./configure without
any arguments.  Then adapt as needed.

>(iii) In this operating system only one database is suported and that is
>"SQL/MP". So is it possible to build ldap server using SQL/MP database ?.

Haven't a clue as to what SQL/MP is (nor care to).  The primary
backend is LDBM with BerkeleyDB or GDBM.

back-sql is exposing existing SQL databases via LDAP.  I don't
use it, so cannot help you there.

>please help me to build ldap server on tandem operating system.

See answer to (ii).