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The attached patch may help fix the API changes in Sleepycat db-3.3. 
Please forgive me for sending this to the ITS but I could find no other 
way of submitting this.


Will Deakin

-----------------begin patch------------------------------------
--- libraries/libldbm/ldbm.c.orig	Tue Aug 14 14:42:47 2001
+++ libraries/libldbm/ldbm.c	Tue Aug 14 14:42:59 2001
@@ -246,7 +246,11 @@

         ret->set_pagesize( ret, DEFAULT_DB_PAGE_SIZE );
+       ret->set_alloc( ret, ldbm_malloc , NULL, NULL);
         ret->set_malloc( ret, ldbm_malloc );

         err = ret->open( ret, name, NULL, DB_TYPE, rw, mode);

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