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Re: regarding ldap problem (ITS#1278)

The OpenLDAP Issue Tracking System is not a help line.
Please, after availing yourself to the available
documentation, FAQ, and archives, use the OpenLDAP
software mailing list for support of OpenLDAP software.


At 05:47 AM 8/4/2001, meraic@yahoo.com wrote:
>        hello sir.I ,chetan merai,want to know about ldap
>congiguration and it's implementation.
>        My project is on LDAP.I have personal computer at my
>home and I have installed red hat linux(version
>7.1).Now I don't know how to start ldap implementation
>and how to configure ldap so that I can run ldap.I
>don't know how to create LDAP database and thaen add
>entries in directory and then retrieve.
>        Please give all the details regardnig my problems and
>please try to give explanation with examples.
>        Thank you in advace for helping me.
>        My email address is "meraic@yahoo.com"
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