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RE: ldappasswd doesn't update replicas (ITS#1237)

cvs update and try again.  Looks like one code fragment didn't
get merged from HEAD properly.


At 11:57 PM 7/26/2001, glynns@us.ibm.com wrote:

>I just checked out the 2.0.12 Engineering Release where the ldappasswd
>replication issue is supposed to be resolved, and I do not believe it is.
>OpenLDAP 2.0.12 Engineering
>        Fixed slapd acl default clause bug (ITS#1187)
>        Fixed slapd modlist2mods error text bug
>        Fixed slapd numericString empty value bug (ITS#1182)
>        Fixed slapd empty rootdn bug (ITS#1172)
>        Fixed slapd passwd modify replication
>Same issue as before, a replica log is never created.
>/usr/local/bin/ldappasswd -S -W -D "cn=$USER,dc=ipns,dc=domain,dc=net" -v  -x  "cn=$USER,dc=ipns,dc=domain,dc=net"
>After this command the bind to localhost works fine, but to the replica
>fails with:
>Enter LDAP Password:
>ldap_bind: Invalid credentials
>Anything I can do to help you track this down ?
>strings /usr/local/bin/ldappasswd gives:
>@(#) $OpenLDAP: ldappasswd 2.0.12-Engineering (Fri Jul 27 06:12:40 GMT 2001) $
>@(#) $OpenLDAP: slapd 2.0.12-Engineering (Fri Jul 27 06:15:42 GMT 2001) $
>@(#) $OpenLDAP: slurpd 2.0.12-Engineering (Fri Jul 27 06:16:12 GMT 2001) $