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Re: ITS 1254, core dump in numericStringNormalize() (ITS#1254)

At 10:11 AM 7/24/2001, Peter W wrote:
>Quick notes I was unable to add to the ITS ticket:
>- suggested fix does not work because...
>- isn't (q <= p) an assertion about logical memory addresses?

Yes, it looks like someone (me?) copied some code from another
normalizer which doesn't apply here.

>- does it mean to assert something like newval->bv_val being no shorter than
>  val->bv_val

see above.

>- which would be "assert( (q - newval->bv_val) <= (p - val->bv_val) );", 
>  right? That assertion *instead* of the two current assertions, right?

The previous was likely intended to check two different things.

>- shouldn't the code ensure that the ch_malloc() calls succeeded?

That's a *big* TODO list item.