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Tru64/OSF problem with openldap-2.0.8+ (ITS#1243)


  I tried to upgrade from openldap-2.0.7 due to a DOS warning and found 
that every version higher than that would dump on Tru64.  Poking around 
I found the following lines in servers/slapd/connection.c :

                        ber_len_t max = sockbuf_max_incoming;
                        ber_sockbuf_ctrl( c->c_sb, LBER_SB_OPT_SET_MAX_INCOMING,
 &max );

  When I commented out the two occurances thereof in the file the server 
at least appears to pass its self tests...I'm not sure what they are supposed 
to be doing, as I can't seem to find any place in the code that references 
that information.
  Any hints?

Matt Goebel

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