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Re: version in shared libraries

Mei-Hui Su wrote:

> Hi,
>  I am using 2.0.11-release and compiled it for shared libraries
> on solaris sparc, in the lib directory I get
> liblber.a           liblber.so.2.0.6    libldap.so.2        libldap_r.so
> liblber.la          libldap.a           libldap.so.2.0.6    libldap_r.so.2
> liblber.so          libldap.la          libldap_r.a         libldap_r.so.2.0.6
> liblber.so.2        libldap.so          libldap_r.la
>  should those 2.0.6 be 2.0.11 or does 2.0.6 mean something else ??
> mei

It means something else.  The version number of the library would only change if
the library interface changes.  Future releases (eg. 2.0.12) may still produce a
2.0.6 library, meaning that it is a drop-in replacement.  In the case of tools
that use the shared library then you'll immediately have bug fixes and upgrades
without having to relink your programs (as long as you built with the same
options as before -- otherwise bets are off).