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Re: slapd fails to perform search when there's unknown attribute in request (ITS#1204)

Fixed. Thanks.
At 12:58 AM 6/15/2001, deo@logos-m.ru wrote:
>Full_Name: egor duda
>Version: 2.X CVS (Mon Jun 11 19:25:43 MSD 2001)
>OS: Redhat Linux 6.2
>Submission from: (NULL) (
>when client sends a search request that contains an attribute not listed in
>slapd skips this attribute and prints several "unknown filter type" messages
>to the log. when it encounter unknown tag, however, filter parser skips the
>tag itself, but not assosiated contents. as a result it comes to actual textual
>data in filter contents but treats it as tag. proposed patch changes filter
>so that it skips entire element when it encounters unknown tag.
>log of 'slapd -d 15' is available at 
>patch is available at
>probably my patch is a wrong way to solve this particular problem, i have 
>very limited experience with ldap.