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Re: B/Q: ldapmodify: -c option

At 05:19 AM 5/31/01, Heiko Nardmann wrote:
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>I have ldif files like the following one which shall delete several 
>attributes of an entry:
>dn: cn=person1,o=org1,c=de
>changetype: modify
>delete: description
>- -
>delete: description1
>- -
>delete: description2
>- -

This LDIF represents one LDAP modify operation with three
attribute deletions.  It will either succeed or fail as a
whole per RFC 2251/X.511.

>Now my problem is that ldapmodify stops if one of the attributes does not 
>exist for this entry. Looking at the man page I found the '-c' option which 
>shall ignore errors during processing.

ldapmodify was given input describing one operation.  It has
nothing left to do but to exit.