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Re: mailer mail500 died with signal 11

Of COURSE, I found the problem about thirty seconds after posting this to the
group. I have the debug option on, and there's a 1K buffer that's overflowing.
Never mind!

Jules Agee wrote:
> I have a consistent failure when mail500 attempts to deliver to a particular
> e-mail group. I'm using the mail500 program from the openldap 1.2.11 tarball
> distro and the Redhat 1.2.11-15 rpm distro of the server package.
> There are no attributes in the group that do not exist in all the other groups,
> but this one consistently segfaults. As far as I can tell, it successfully
> delivers the mail to all members of the group, but because it gets a SIGSEGV
> before it exits, Sendmail gets an error and queues the mail for later delivery,
> so we end up with many copies being delivered every time someone sends mail to
> this particular group, until I delete the message out of the queue.
> The only distinguishing factor about this group is that it is our largest one,
> with 157 members. All other groups are set up identically, with the same
> attributes, objectClasses, the same owner, etc.
> If someone could even give me their ideas for where in the code I should look
> for the problem, I'd be very appreciative. My C skills are kinda rusty, but I
> really need to get this working pronto, so I'm digging into it.
> I see that after the ld = ldap_open call, ld->ld_sizelimit =
> MAIL500_MAXAMBIGUOUS, which seems a little odd to me, but setting it to
> LDAP_NO_LIMIT doesn't help the problem, and I'm not sure what else to try. I
> feel like I'm just poking around in the dark.
> Any suggestions, even pointers on general debugging practice for this package
> would be greatly appreciated. If anyone would like more info, let me know & I'll
> send it to you off-list. Thanks!
> --
> Jules Agee
> System Administrator
> Pacific Coast Feather Co.
> julesa@pcf.com      x284

Jules Agee
System Administrator
Pacific Coast Feather Co.
julesa@pcf.com      x284