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Re: openldap-2.0.8 still configure error with pthread

At 07:06 PM 5/16/01, Marco Chen wrote:
>      This happened before with openldap-2.0.7 in redhat 7.0 ( in Compaq DL360 , 2 CPU ),
>we solve it with take off one CPU from DL360. openldap-2.0.7 can be configured with
>our normal 686 PC (OS is RedHat 7.0) .
>      openldap-2.0.8 now can't be configured even in normal 686 PC , abd the problem
>is the same :

In 2.0.7, configure mistaken found some pthread implementations
as not broken.   2.0.8 contains a fix that ensures configure
properly detect broken pthread join/detach semantics which
OpenLDAP depends upon.

Pthreads on Redhat 7.0 are known to be broken. IIRC, fixes
are available on their web site <http://www.redhat.com/>.