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id2entry file grows when modifying entries


when modifying attributes (not indexed, never the naming attribute, objects and
attributes always exist), my id2entry file grows until it reaches the maximum
file size and causes slapd to crash. 
Maybe I have done some stupid mistakes during compilation or configuration but
I can´t see what it is and found nothing appropriate on the mailing lists.

I am using version 1.2.11 on Solaris 2.7 with the gdbm backend. My Configure
options are: -enable-debug=no --with-gcc --with-threads=no --enable-static=yes

Here is an excerpt from my configuration file:
database        ldbm
directory       /tmp/ldapdata/
cachesize       10000   
dbcachesize     6000000 
index 		objectclass eq    
index 		cn
index 		default none 

The number of entries is about 900 each having the same 6 attributes.

I have already dumped my "id2entry.gdbm" using "ldbmcat" before and after
modifying attributes but the output looks fine. 

The observed behaviour cannot be explained by growing length of attribute
values. They are always very short strings. 

Any help?