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Re: Kerberos V4 SASL patches (server AND client) (ITS#1120)

"Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote:

> At 08:53 PM 5/2/01, ses@unc.edu wrote:
> >Do this make you feel any more comfortable?
> My primary concern is for the code to only set the parameters when
> IPv4 is used.

> As far as the other issues, I assume only those who care to use
> KERBEROS_IV will install the mechanisms. As far as issue of when it
> should be chosen or not is actual best done by Cyrus SASL.

That is the right place, but would require the library to insist that
all properties that might be to have already been set before listmechs
is called (which is reasonable, but is different from current behaviour,
which just requires them to be set before the mechanism is used). That
might be feasible (it wouldn't break cyrus-imapd).  I'll bounce it off
the cmu folks.

> BTW, I assume you are aware of the Cyrus KRB4_IGNORE_IP_ADDRESS

This doesn't knock out all the getprops of these fields - just one of
them :-(