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problems testing openLdap (ITS#1132)

I am using the guidelines described on page:


I am able to get all the way to Step 6 with no problems.  But at Step 6 when
I try:

# make test

I get:

make: *** No rule to make target `test'.  Stop.

I proceeded to do the install, edited my slapd.conf file, then started
slapd.  It started with no errors.  But when I try the following:

# ldapsearch -x -b '' -s base '(objectclass=*)' namingContexts

I get an error:

ldapsearch: invalid option -- x

The following menu is returned too:

ldapsearch: invalid option -- x
usage: ldapsearch [options] filter [attributes...]
    filter      RFC-1558 compliant LDAP search filter
    attributes  whitespace-separated list of attributes to retrieve
                (if no attribute list is given, all are retrieved)
    -n          show what would be done but don't actually search
    -v          run in verbose mode (diagnostics to standard output)
    -t          write values to files in /tmp
    -u          include User Friendly entry names in the output
    -A          retrieve attribute names only (no values)
    -B          do not suppress printing of non-ASCII values
    -L          print entries in LDIF format (-B is implied)
    -R          do not automatically follow referrals
    -d level    set LDAP debugging level to `level'
    -F sep      print `sep' instead of `=' between attribute names and
    -S attr     sort the results by attribute `attr'
    -f file     perform sequence of searches listed in `file'
    -b basedn   base dn for search
    -s scope    one of base, one, or sub (search scope)
    -a deref    one of never, always, search, or find (alias dereferencing)
    -l time lim time limit (in seconds) for search
    -z size lim size limit (in entries) for search
    -D binddn   bind dn
    -w passwd   bind passwd (for simple authentication)
    -W          prompt for bind passwd
    -h host     ldap server
    -p port     port on ldap server

If I try to omit the -x I get:

ldap_search: No such object

Any ideas?


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