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  I'm sorry if this isn't any appreciable issue, it's a configuration or
usage errror or if i violate the Charter of this List. This is my first
posting, so please be patient with me :-)

Environment: Linux 2.2.16 i686
             Openldap 2.0.7
             Proftpd 1.2.2rc1 + mod_ldap

The error appears under following circumstances:

from mod_ldap.c, line ca. 180

   if (ldap_search_st(ld, prefix, ldap_search_scope, filter, 
       ldap_attrs, 0, &ldap_querytimeout_tp, &result) != LDAP_SUCCESS) {
     log_pri(LOG_ERR, "mod_ldap: ldap_user_lookup(): ldap_search_st()
failed: %s", 
       ldap_err2string(ldap_result2error(ld, result, 1)));
         return NULL;

prefix:            "c=at"             (char *prefix           ) 
ldap_search_scope: 2                  (int   ldap_search_scope)
filter:            "(uid=aquarius)"   (char *filter           )
ldap_attrs:        (null)             (char *ldap_attrs[]     )


error.c:221: ldap_parse_result: Assertion `r != ((void *)0)' failed.
ProFTPD received SIGABRT signal, no core dump.            

I'm sorry i could not track now why r equals NULL, but i hope someone
could give me a hint.

Thanks in advance
Jens Riecken

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