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Re: LDAP-Queries with wildcards...

Thanks, it works ! It was an index problem, slapindex has fixed it.
( i've no idea, why it didn't work at first time - the LDAP-Entries were
also indexed with slapindex before ).

< There are a number of possibilities:
< - index corruption
< - size/time limit exceeded
<    (e.g. you query for (uid=user_15_St_160) and you get it,
<     the you query for (uid=user_15_St_16*) and there are
<    100 occurrences of user_15_St_16* BEFORE
<     user_15_St_160, where 100 is your default size limit,
<     so you don't get it; note that BEFORE means in order
<    of candidate fetching, which has nothing to do with any
<    lexicographic order)
< - acl problem
<    (e.g. you bound differently when performing the two searches)
< - anything else I didn't figure out
< Pierangelo