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LDAP RENAMING and problems.. (ITS#1102)

Full_Name: George Daswani
Version: 2.0.7
OS: Redhat 7.0
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

Have a problem with LDAP_RENAME_S and the server not checking if the OU and etc


trying to rename "cn=George Daswani,ou=Internal,o=ESRI,c=US" 


"cn=George Henry C. Daswani,ou=Internal,o=ESRI,c=US"..

code snippet..

static const char *dnToRename = "cn=George Daswani,ou=Internal,o=ESRI,c=US"
static const char *dnNewName = "cn=George Henry C.



It renames the Dn to

"cn=George Henry C. Daswani,ou=Internal,o=ESRI,c=US,ou=Internal,o=ESRI,c=US".

I know that *dnNewName should really only be "cn=George Henry C. Daswani"

but shouldn't the openldap server check to make sure that the dn i'm renaming to
is valid?

ou=Internal,o=ESRI,c=US,ou=Internal,o=ESRI,c=US is not a valid branch..

In this case, one can't delete the corrupted record from the database because it
complains about invalid parent.. (which is correct as the item doesn't have a
valid parent trees)..