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OpenLDAP crashes and loses data after network down (ITS#1099)

Full_Name: Weidong Song
Version: 2.0.7
OS: Solaris
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

We had a network crash one day.  After the network crash, the OpenLDAP is found
We have to restart OpenLDAP and found that some data nodes were missing.  We
tried to re-add the entries using executable ldapadd/ldapmodify.  It gives the
saying the entry already existing.  The error message of ldapadd is the
ldap_add_s: Already exists

But if I try to delete it with ldapdelete, it shows:
ldap_delete_s: No such object

There must be some data synchronization problem within the database.
My 1st question is how to fix this so that we can re-enter the data of the lost
The 2nd question is whether this is a bug of the system, do we have a fix.