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Re: Redhat-6.2, configure and -ldl (ITS#1096)

Quoting Ben Collins (bcollins@debian.org):
> This patch is just plain wrong. libcrypto.so should be linked against
> whatever libraries it needs to satisfy it's own dependencies. It should
> not force other programs to guess what they are. That's counter
> intuitive to shared library linking.

Dude, don't kill the messenger. 

I'd be more then happy to "do it the right way", if I knew how to. I just did a
patch so MAKE IT work, which 90% of the time is what needs to happen so you can
move forward.

Instead of stepping all over me and making me regret VOLUNTEERING my time to TRY
to fix a problem, you might be a little more helpful and steer me in the right

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