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Re: Q: bug? slurpd only using first defined replog file?

You may want to look at this issue in another way. Consider that each
database on your slapd is generating its own LDIF log, which is to be sent
out to a list of servers.
Perhaps you should run one slurpd for each database. For 3 databases,
have 3 slurpd.conf files, each containing only a "replogfile" directive
and a set of "replica" lines.  Start 3 slurpd processes, each with the -f
option pointing to one of the slurpd.conf files, and the -t option
pointing to a different tmp directory.  The slapd.conf file lists all
three replogfiles and the matching "replica" lines for each.

Consider that the slurpd has to authenticate to the slave servers,
and you should authenticate to a DN within the database being updated. If
you try to run one slurpd that updates 3 different databases, what DN are
you binding as to update THREE databases?

  -Mark Adamson
   Carnegie Mellon