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Re: Bugfixes for OpenLDAP 2.0.7


I've compiled OpenLDAP 2.0.7 in a Solaris 8 Sparc v9 (64 Bit), Solaris 8 Intel,
Solaris 8 Sparc v8 (32 Bit) environment using:

    * UltraSparc 5 Server
    * Sparc 10 Server
    * Pentium II 300 Server
    * SUN Forte (WorkShop) 6.0 Compiler Suite

and figured out some bugs, which lead to compilation errors and a SEGV in one

I've set up a patch to the OpenLDAP 2.0.7 source, which solves these.
Except the Replication test, the testsiute succeeds once the patch is
applied on all of my systems.

The patch additionally works around the following probs:

    * Kerberos 5 version 1.2.1 support
    * Cyrus SASL which requires Kerberos IV libraries
    * Berkeley DB version 3.x shared library naming
    * SUN Forte C comlaining about #endif being the last 
      line in a source file
    * Replacement of // comment by /* ... */ comments. This
      is due to complains of the SUN Forte compiler, which 
      (as I later figured out) also could be worked around by
      using the -xCC compiler switch ...
    * Static inclusion of the libwrap.a
      Systems which install the wrapper library in /usr/lib
      get confused in 64 bit mode, because the -R/usr/lib linker
      flag forces 32 bit libraries being used instead of 64 bit
    * File: libraries/liblber/decode.c
      The signed value for netlen in ber_skip_tag got expanded
      to a very hughe unsigned value used in the boolean operation
      in line 133 of this function. This resulted in the *len pointer
      being negative. Finally a very long loop got encountered, which 
      ended in a SEGV
      This is only visible on 64 Bit systems because of the value

Originally I wanted to attach my patch to this mail, but unfortunatelly,
the mailing-list robot didn't accept it because of its length.
Please advise where to send the patch to.

-- Jens

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