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Re: Configure mistakes GETADDRINFO available under Solaris-2.7 (IT S#964) (ITS#1030)

Since Solaris-2.8 'netdb.h' includes GETADDRINFO in an "IPv6"
subsection, perhaps keying off of "--disable-ipv6" and then disabling
GETADDRINFO would be sufficient to fix the Solaris-2.7 lack of
GETADDRINFO (which may be a "stub function" in 2.7, so the configure
compile test succeeds?).

While Solaris-2.7 may support IPv6, I have had to turn off just about
anything that relates to IPv6 under 2.7 as it always caused problems.
Under 2.8, IPv6 related items don't appear to have any problem.

Maybe (full) GETADDRINFO appears in a later version of 2.7 than I have,
but I have no way of verifying that.

================ Solaris-2.8 netdb.h (portion) =============
/* IPv6 prototype definitons */
int             getaddrinfo(const char *, const char *,
                        const struct addrinfo *, struct addrinfo **);
void            freeaddrinfo(struct addrinfo *);
char            *gai_strerror(int);
int             getnameinfo(const struct sockaddr *, socklen_t,
                        char *, size_t, char *, size_t, int);
/* END IPv6 prototype definitions */