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slapd stops unexpectly when unusually formatted query is received (ITS#1006)

Slapd stops unexpectedly when an unusually formatted query is received.

2.0.7 compiled on Linux, 2.2.4.  When making an unusually formatted query
(using a combination of wildcards and text) against records that have
multiple values assigned to a field type, slapd stops immediately.


cn: aurora123
userPassword: bob321
mail: aurora123@fqdn.com
mail: aurora123@fullqualdomname.com
mailboxQuota: 10240000

When doing a query of "*.*.com" against cn, userPassword, or quota fields in
this record, no problems are encountered.  When querying *.*.com against the
field "mail" (which has multiple values as seen above), slapd stops
immediately.  This was discovered when a user was trying to find mail
addresses that have periods formatted in the address, such as
bob.smith@dom.com.  Querying with wildcards only (like *.*.*) do not cause a

Eric Fagan
Las Vegas, .NV.US