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Re: Fixes to make compile under OpenServer 5 (ITS#972)

Dear Kurt,

Here is the end of the previous message,

> >5. The following two files were changed to make the system call the
> >function name for Kerberos5 version 1.2.1 (don't know when change
> >./libraries/liblutil/passwd.c
> >758c758
> ><   krb5_free_cred_contents( context, &creds );
> >---
> >>   krb5_free_creds( context, &creds );
> Such changes should be conditional upon the flavor (Heimdal v MIT)
> and version of Kerberos in use using autoconf.
I agree,  this was MIT Kerberos5 and again see #4 re: configure

> >6. The following change was made as the library name is different in
> >Kerberos5 release 1.2.1 (don't know when change occurred)
> This should also be done via configure.
See #4 and #5

Respectfully yours,

Omer Azmon