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Re: ACL parsing getting incorrect data from connection (ITS#985)

At 10:50 PM 1/23/01 +0000, jimd@dutton3.it.siu.edu wrote:
>It appears that ACL regex parsing is using the "(IP=:: 389)" port indicator
>from a connection instead of the IP address:
>[SLAPD ACL clause]
>access to filter="cn=Dutton4 Samba Users"
>  by self write
>  by dn="cn=Manager,o=SIUC,c=US" write
>  by sockname= read
>  by sockname= read
>  by sockname= read
>  by * none

It looks like slapd doing what you asked it to do.  sockname is
the local (listener's) address, peername is the peer's address.