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Re: S/W request: add flag to LDAPSEARCH to identify version (ITS#971)

At 07:02 PM 1/22/01 +0000, jimd@dutton3.it.siu.edu wrote:
>On 22 Jan, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
>> Though an option could be added to the OpenLDAP tools, this would
>> not solve your problem as the option name would be vendor specific.
>> That is, not all vendors will use the same flag to print version
>> information.
>I know - that is why I was trying to encourage y'all to submit a
>request/suggestion to the IETF to see about getting such a unique
>flag/switch agreed upon.

I encourage you to raise issues you believe appropriate to be
considered by the IETF directly to the IETF.  After all, the
IETF is an organization of individuals, not organizations.